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Speech and Language Therapy

Educational Therapy


Psychoeducational Assessment

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Unlock your potential

We have consolidated operations at Novena and now have more rooms and a larger space for groups and workshops.
Stay tuned!




Mind.Space Therapy and Consultancy LLP serves children from age 5, adolescents and adults for your holistic educational, social, emotional and communication needs.


Having difficulty completing homework or schoolwork in a timely manner?

Problems understanding math concepts or recalling math facts? 

Difficulty with reading, writing or spelling?

Poor time management, study skills or organizational skills?


Having problems understanding what people say, or what you read?

Unable to find the words to express yourself?

Do people have difficulty understanding what you say?

Wish you could make friends but don't know how?


Need to speak to someone without being judged?

Wish someone could just listen to you?

Need help with relationship issues?

Feeling unable to cope?

Anxious and stressed?

Feeling stuck and helpless?

Is anger taking over your life?


Find out more that our various talks and workshops  about:

  • ADD/ADHD - challenges and strategies

  • Identifying Speech and Language difficulties in children and adolescents

  • Promoting Language Learning in Children

  • Effective communication

  • Social skills enhancement

  • Conflict resolution

  • Stress management

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