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What is Educational Therapy?

Educational therapy is not tutoring. Educational Therapy involved the teaching of  skills and strategies that help individuals manage their issues and improve their schoolwork. The specific strategies and treatments used by an educational therapist will vary. All individuals learn differently. Educational therapy can help these individuals progress and fulfill their learning potential.


Educational therapy is a personalized remedial instruction for individuals experiencing learning differences and disabilities, including, but not limited to, dyslexia, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, executive function deficit, language, auditory and visual processing deficit.


Goals and Benefits of Educational Therapy

The primary goal of educational therapy is to foster self-confident, independent learners who understand their learning profiles and can advocate for themselves.


Educational Therapy can benefit individuals who struggle with:

  • Completing homework or schoolwork in a timely manner

  • Understanding math concepts or recalling math facts

  • Associating sounds with letters

  • Remembering printed words

  • Understanding what is read or heard

  • Spelling even after much practice

  • Following oral or written directions

  • Expressing ideas orally or in writing

  • Time management

  • Study skills

  • Organizational skills

  • Working independently


The ability to communicate is essential in human interaction. 


In Speech and language therapy, we assess and provide intervention to help individuals manage and overcome communication difficulties. A wide range of effective approaches and strategies are adopted in our specially customised therapy plans that promote speech and language development in each unique client.


We also evaluate and support the individual’s learning needs to ensure that they strive towards their full potential in their school-aged years - preschool, primary, secondary, and institutions of higher learning such as ITE, Polytechnics and Universities - and beyond, throughout their lifetime.


Services Available:

  • Speech and Language Assessments

  • Individual and Group Therapy for : 

    • Communication Skills  

    • Expressive Language Skills 

    • Receptive Language Skills 

    • Articulation and Speech Production

    • Pragmatic / Social Skills

    • Presentation skills

    • Interviewing skills​

Clinical Disorders and Developmental Conditions in which speech and language may be affected include: 


Counselling is not something to be ashamed of as it is a process that you choose because you want to lead a happy and holistic life.


Our counselling services provide supportive feedback to help you gain greater insight and understanding into yourself, the issues you face and the people you interact with.  Through counselling, you can understand emotional crises and how to better cope with them.  In doing so, self-esteem as well as mental and physical health, can be improved.


The most important part of any counselling relationship  is the therapeutic alliance. When the client feels they can fully trust their counsellor and feel understood, the likelihood of change increases. 


We work with clients to resolve issues so that they can move forward with their lives and are not dependent on counselling for years to come. Clients are encouraged in a safe environment to discover how the presenting issues affect life. They learn to make important changes and are equipped with tools provided by the counsellor to begin a new journey towards a more fulfilling life of purpose, meaning and greater joy.

We offer the following Psychotherapy/Counselling services:

  • Child / Adolescent behavioral problems

  • Adjustment issues (e.g.,pertaining to grief and loss, self-identity, relationships, career transitions, relocation, etc.) ​

  • Anger

  • Depression 

  • Stress & Anxiety


Talks/presentations/seminars  on the following are available on weekends and during the school holidays. Please check our calendar of events for more information:

  • ADD/ADHD - challenges and strategies

  • Identifying Speech and Language difficulties in children and adolescents

  • Promoting Language Learning in Children

  • Effective communication

  • Social skills enhancement

  • Conflict resolution

  • Stress management


Psychological support is an integral part of family care, especially in those with young children. Our Child Psychology Service offers all-inclusive assessments and personalised therapy to meet the psychosocial, emotional, behavioural and cognitive needs of children and their parents at each stage of their lives.

Services Available :

* Full Diagnostic and Psychological Assessment 

* IQ Reports for Placement in Special Education Schools

* Report for Examination Exemptions or Accommodations

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